“Without music life would be a mistake. ”
-Freidrich Nietzche

Options abound for booking Classical Tangent, from the small and intimate to the full blown epic event.

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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Classical Tangent.

We perform in combinations of 4 up to eight players and represent styles of music ranging from purely classical to all kinds of world music, including Celtic, Latin, Jazz, Ragtime, Horas, to name a few. My passion is finding new material that features music from a country or region, and showcasing it in a way that brings light to that genre, as well as featuring a member or 2 of the group.

We enjoy taking the mystery out of music, interacting with our audiences, and conveying a sense of joyous fun wherever we go. We have played primarily in places that expect a classical concert, and then are pleasantly surprised at out classical/folk/world twist. Please check out our sound examples, videos, pictures, and quotes and feel free to contact me, Bonnie Bewick Brown at fiddlebbb@gmail.com for booking information.

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Our CD is out!

Our new CD, “First Spin” is available for purchase on this site:
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Classical Tangent: First Spin